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Solange Serquis

Solange Serquis believes successful designs should engage the environment, have fluency among history, landforms and architecture, and express rhythm with textures and interest among the seasons.  Our multidisciplinary team includes the client, together we approach each project as a think tank that inspires ideas most appropriate to the site and users.  We believe there is a close connection between balancing human needs, preserving what nature has given us to enjoy, and that beautiful surroundings nourish the human spirit.  We truly understand the social impact of design and if diligently articulated, the built environment helps bring connection between community and people through enjoyment, learning opportunities and beauty.     Solange’s design sensibility considers the end-users, first and foremost. She truly  understand the human impacts of her profoundly clear landscape designs and  installations, her thoughtful landscape designs invite to renovation, brings beauty to the  senses  and creates a relationship with the outdoors!


Business: Serquis + Associates Landscape Architecture

Designer Name: Solange Serquis

Web: serquis.com 

Address: 922A Shoofly St #201, Santa Fe NM, 87505

Phone: 505-310-1052