ShowHouse Santa Fe in partnership with a local Santa Fe real estate firm, has quickly emerged as a fundraising engine for promoting education for children. In its sixth year history has raised  net proceeds of $140,000 for Dollars4schools.org. with the funding efforts made by the Santa Fe Interior Designers involved. Impacting 2000 students and 18 Santa Fe schools. This Interior Designer event gives local interior designers the opportunity to come together to share creativity and camaraderie of their profession while working to improve the quality of our children’s education. By pooling talents to create ShowHouse Santa Fe this inspiring organization of local interior designers helps our schools and creates lasting beauty that benefits not just their clients but also the city at large.  

Show House Santa Fe has taken its place in Santa Fe’s calendar of important annual arts events that attract both locals and visitors. In keeping with our designation as a UNESCO Creative City for Design, our talented designers bring their ideas and accomplishments to a broad audience, showcasing for the world the preeminence of Santa Fe as a place of innovation and a source of design inspiration.


Santa Fe interior designers David Naylor and Jennifer Ashton had the creative idea of marrying the Santa Fe design community to a worthy community cause.  Based in part on the Show Houses they experienced in other major cities over the years—ShowHouse Santa Fe partners each year with a real estate firm offering a home that’s for sale somewhere in town,  then showcases some of the best design work for an outstanding Interior Designer Home Tour and Gala.  “We wanted to promote ShowHouse as an artistic expression created by this collective of Interior Designers,” says David. 

Each year has a creative theme,  2013’s inaugural theme At Home with Fashion  to last year’s much more specific one, West of Contemporary  - A Journey in Black and White,  this concept gives ShowHouse the cohesive  touch even though the designers are granted plenty of artistic license, there’s still the caveat of “within reason.”Designers want to do some pretty imaginative things during ShowHouse and we are good at balancing fantasy with reality.” says David. “The designers here are showing their full potential," says Jennifer. “It’s artistic expression - it’s a creative outlet and it raises the bar for the interior designers gathered together in one residence.

Since the first ShowHouse Santa Fe the funds raised have gone directly to requests by teachers and principals in the Santa Fe Public Schools, the New Mexico School for the Arts, the Santa Fe Indian School and the New Mexico School for the Deaf tp name just a few.  “This is a a nonprofit where teachers list what they need- $50 or $100—for supplies, art programs, music programs,  It’s a great organization. and it’s local, which was important to us. “Once we found the charity we wanted and formed our organization of heart-felt and talented designers to team up  we became like a family. It's a good thing now for the Santa Fe's art and design community and our children and teachers to benefit.