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Heather & Matt French

French & French Interiors is known for our family-friendly design and hands-on approach. We design for the way you live, and feel a space should be a personal reflection of its occupants.

Our focus is on design that is ecologically sound, family-friendly and affordably high-end. Inspired by our travels throughout Asia, Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America, our aesthetic marries antiques, art, and modern pieces with an international flourish.

Heather French is the co-founder, principal, and lead designer of French & French Interiors. She enjoys customizing designs for her clients based on their current spaces and needs, and specializes in being able to distill their desires into a beautiful, comfortable, and functional aesthetic. Heather has always been interested in the layout and flow of people’s homes, and ways that design translates into living styles (especially among different cultures). Heather loves creating fun, integrated spaces for her clients that bring life and purpose to a family’s home. 

Matt French is the co-founder of French & French Interiors and leads product design and development for French & French Interiors product line, Iko Iko Studio (Ikoikostudio.com). Matt’s background in construction allows him to see big-picture design solutions, and he enjoys creating inspired pieces that serve design needs beyond what most people even realize they want. Matt believes the design process should be nuanced and intimate, and that the experience can be extremely cathartic for clients who are willing to open up and let their desires be truly translated into a custom space. “The space you occupy is so much of who you are and how you feel,” he says, adding that great design can be spiritually nourishing when a changed space brings emotional cleansing.

Together, Heather and Matt believe interior design is about more than just “pretty things” - well-thought-out spaces should solve a problem and allow for shared human experiences on a deeper level. They strive to understand their client’s desired purpose for a space, and then create beautiful, meaningful areas that provide families a soulful, fun, nurturing place to live.


Website URL: frenchandfrenchinteriors.com

Address: 343 W. Manhattan Ave, Santa Fe, NM 87501

Phone: 505.982.7737