Edy Keeler

Edy Keeler

After many years design of experience in Santa Fe and beyond, Edy is envisioning and experiencing a change in her work.

"I have always wanted to live in and experience an Italian villa, but outfitted with totally modern fittings and furniture inside. Not the villa with intricate, highly ornamental frescoes, or falsely applied details, but a really old worn down one, sporting raw stone walls . . . more grotto than fresco. Of course, I would not want to worry about keeping it warm and dry, that will all be taken care of before I take ownership.  Working on this kitchen would be a dream.

“This is far out, and here is one of the kitchens I could imagine having there. A perfect sphere of stainless, translucent glass, and black steel when closed, and a workable very small kitchen when open. I’m not a bachelor, but it seems to holler James Bond or his 21st century equivalent. My reality kitchens can be cool too, just not this far out.

"I love remodeling kitchens, and bathrooms, and in the past two years my work has evolved that way. Even though I still do furnishings -- every remodel needs something new -- I love construction and project management for remodels. something that comes from my family background, and my architect husband.  Kitchens, baths too, are complex and we view the challenges as opportunities most of the time!

"I loved doing last year’s show house master bath, a bath large enough to require furniture. Baths — second most important special room in a home to most of us, and most important to some.

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