Duet Design

Kerry McDonald and Kelley Yaccino of Duet Design believe that everyone deserves a home that is unique, comfortable, and in true harmony with their lifestyle. We delve into our clients’ personalities, habits, and histories to find the soul of a space and make it sing with beauty, functionality, and authenticity.

We enjoy blending our clients’ existing pieces and ideas together with fresh color schemes, efficient space planning, and sometimes, unexpected directions to create a cohesive design that echoes melodically throughout the space. Our job is to make sure this newly created song is heard by all who enter.

Sisters Kerry and Kelley grew up in a small town outside of Chicago sharing a bedroom that they never stopped decorating and rearranging. Kerry worked at Shabby Chic-Chicago in the late 1990s and while proud to be part of that design team, was thrilled to partner with her sister when Kelley earned an interior design degree from the Harrington Institute of Interior Design in Chicago. While in the Windy City, the siblings designed many homes and spaces before Kerry relocated to New Mexico where she earned an interior design degree as well. Kelley recently landed in the Land of Enchantment and the two are thrilled to be working together again as Duet Design.


Website: duetdesign.org.

Phone: 505.699.6759


Duet Design

A Sister Act

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