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David Naylor

David Naylor is a nationally known interior designer, celebrated for his unique interiors.  Trained as a painter and visual artist, Naylor turns to furniture and interior design to feature pieces that he incorporates into his design commissions.  In today’s modern world, much of the quality is sacrificed in favor of affordability and availability.  David honors the same spirit that inspired the artisans of long ago by commissioning custom creations from modern craftspeople who bring a high level of devotion to their work.  With the help of their talents he is able to design furnishings and architectural elements that capture the warm, traditional ambience of stately European homes or rustic country retreats while introducing contemporary sensibilities.  Naylor builds on the essence of the style to create something new rather than merely reproduce the old.  In this way, he constructs a tradition that is uniquely the homeowner’s, one that reflects today while becoming tomorrow’s heirloom.  He is the owner of the interior design firm and showroom located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

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Phone: 505 988 3170

Shop: 111 N. St. Francis Drive, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501