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Chef Todd Spitzer

Todd Spitzer moved to Santa Fe in 2012 from Oakland California, bringing with him all of the  the energy and coffee culture of the Bay Area. With his knowledge and twenty years of experience managing and owning coffee houses, he opened the original Iconik Coffee Roasters, changing the way we experience coffee in Santa fe.



  In 2017 he opened Opuntia cafe in collaboration with plant designer Jeanna Gienke. This teahouse in the Baca Railyard is a chance for Todd to step out of coffee and explore the world of tea. While designing the menu for Opuntia , Todd reached out to friend and chef Kim Mueller to consult on tastes that would pair well with the flavor of teas he had been exploring. Opuntia's menu is inspired by the diverse flavor profiles of tea and Todd continues to explore the way food is paired with tea as Opuntia expands its menu.