Chef Rory O'Brien

Rory O’Brien was born in Dallas, Texas, where growing up in the family owned restaurant business inspired his early interest in food. Youthful travels with the family across France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, and more contributed to his growing fascination with food. When the family settled in Ireland, the influence of his Irish mother and the abundance of local produce, cheese, other dairy, grass fed beef, and fresh seafood, impressed him with the importance of using quality ingredients. After a decade abroad, Rory was back in the states ready and eager to hone his skills in a professional kitchen. He worked his way up at several restaurants and most recently left the position as Sous chef at the respected Miami eatery, Timo.

Legal Tender

Now Rory is collaborating with Murphy O’Brien of Cafe Fina, and the Winslow Arts Trust. The trust works to keep the historic Route 66, Santa Fe Railway, and Fred Harvey transportation corridors vibrant and alive. The O’Briens will revitalize the Legal Tender and help bring back Lamy as a destination leisure and dining spot for New Mexicans, Americans and world travelers. The new Legal Tender, opening in the Spring of 2019, is inspired by classic old world and regional American cuisine, refined and presented for new world clientele. 

Legal Tender.jpg