Chef Paulraj Karuppasamy

Paper Dosa is chef Paulraj Karuppasamy and his wife and business partner, Nellie Tischler. Before Paper Dosa found its permanent home on 551 West Cordova Road in March of 2015, we served delicious and fresh South Indian cuisine at weekly pop-ups and special events around Santa Fe, NM. Chef Paul is a native South Indian from Tamil Nadu. His focus is to bring fresh, seasonal and authentic dishes to his new home in New Mexico.

Paper Dosa

Paper Dosa started as a catering business, and for one whole year, hosted weekly pop-ups in the Santa Fe area. In March 2015 they landed a brick and mortar and began to serve New Mexicans 6 days a week. They are about to complete their first year as a restaurant and feel so privileged to have received ongoing support from the surrounding communities.  They continue to grow and improve so they can help make life in Santa Fe that much more special and enjoyable by way of South Indian fare.