Q&A with Pam Duncan, Gloria Devan & Buffy Kline, WGD Interiors


Get to know Pam, Gloria & Buffy...

Where do you find inspiration when starting a new project? 

“We find most of inspiration from our clients. Listening carefully to them express their hopes and needs is the most important thing we do. How else can we be guided in our interpretation of those desires?”

Where did you grow up? Has that had an influence on your design aesthetic? 

“The three of us grew up in California and Arizona. The influences of these areas has been great, for they offered excellent exposure to a variety of styles and cultures. We love unique textiles and color!”

What inspired (most excited) you about this year's theme / house?

“The age and architecture of this year’s ShowHouse gave us direction.”

Is there a design rule you love to break?

“We are not fond of “design rules”.” 

If you were reborn as a piece of furniture or decor object, what would it be? and why?

“We adore chairs, especially ones with character, as they add so much to the design of the space.. and they are useful. ”

Jennifer Ashton