Q&A with Jessica Savage, Savage Design


Get to know Jessica...

Where did you grow up? Has that had an influence on your design aesthetic? 

“Connecticut… picket fences, large brick homes, and rolling green lawns… Not too much of that here in NM, however, I love exposed brick anywhere, always!”

What inspired (most excited) you about this year's theme / house?

“The home has so much character that was begging to be brought out into a new light and polished!”

Is there a design rule you love to break?

“ALL of them! There are no rules!”

If you were reborn as a piece of furniture or decor object, what would it be? and why?

“I would say a comfortable, inviting, overstuffed chair, maybe a double chair to snuggle with your love. A place to be confident, comfortable, at ease.”

What would be your dream project?

“EEEEEEEEK! Clients who are in love with color and functional beauty!”

Finish the sentence:     Every room needs _________. 


Jennifer Ashton