Abigail Ryan 

Abigail Ryan is a fine art painter and a faux painter. Using techniques stretching back
millennia, skilled faux painters can transform blank surfaces into multi-dimensional
images that “trick” the eye into seeing what is not really there, whether it be a skyscape,
a marble column, or a perfect piece of fruit. Abigail brings courage and vision to bare
walls that under her skilled hand become scenes that feel and look like Pompeii, or
country paths through Tuscany, or entwined vines holding a sparrow’s delicate nest.
She works in a variety of media including oil crayons and acrylics. She embraces
subjects ranging from landscapes to still-lifes of fruit, to Mexican beaches--each
mysterious, sacred and magical. Abigail is a free and careful gypsy whose talents
explore and create atmospheres that help us to be moved and inspired by the quiet
beauty of everyday existence.

Since 2001 she has been invited to participate in fundraisers for dozens of causes
including the Watershed Project, the Santa Fe Conservation Trust, the Aspen Santa Fe
Ballet, the Sun Valley, Idaho Animal Alliance, the Saint Mary’s School in Glens Falls,
New York, the Hope House in Chicago, Assistance Dogs of the West, the Acequia
Madre School, and the Horse Shelter, to name a few.